Today i will sit for my 3rd paper of final exam

Until now, i still don get my sleep

Struggle for this paper ‘DCE 3603: Managing Professional Training’

‘Bersengkang mata’ just to memorized all those notes

I didn’t do well on my 1st test

So i need to double up my effort to ensure i can cover the marks that i lost

Right now I really miss my family evendoh i just met them yesterday

Mummy told me a good news about my sister, a very2 good news (wink ^.^)

I pray for ur happiness my sis, coz u are the only sister i have

And today, is your 25th birhtday

I wish the greatest happiness coming tru your life with your lovable person around you

I lurve my sister 🙂 Hepi bday again!


:: sori i can’t celebs it wif u, got paper maaaa ::


November 2, 2009. campus life, familia, friends, kotak hati kecil.


  1. nurthurayya replied:

    muke sme la…
    comey ajer…hikhik…

  2. silentmonologue replied:

    kami mmg selalu disangka kembar…hehe

  3. putraim replied:

    kim salam kat akak ek. huhu. nak no fon die bleh?? huhuh

    • silentmonologue replied:

      blh..amek no dr diorg sama..hehhe

  4. lurunna replied:

    siblings is a gift from God~

  5. silentmonologue replied:

    and i like that give~

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