~Tiba-tiba saya rasa macam-macam. Macam best dan tak best. Ape-apelah.

Now, it is my turn to be tagged. Thanx kepada sesiapa yang men-tag itu.Hehe

1. My ex…
boyfren is with sumbody else..do i care?

2. Maybe I should…
turn back time. I will stop him to do  that mistakes. Tiba-tiba teringat pada dia. Wah!

3. I’d love…
to eat and sleep. definitely. no doubt.

4. People would say that I am..
sengal.yup i admit it. so what?

5. I don’t understand….
why certain people love mathematic so much. coz i hate it.

6. When I wake up in the morning…
i will said “oh, da tengah hari rupenye”

7. I trust…
in Allah.

8. Life is…
in your hand.u decide what u wanna be.

9. My past taught me..
that i need to strong.matured oso.

10. I get annoyed when…
people keep telling me dat i’m skinny.haha

11. Parties are..
tupperware party.

12. I wish…
to have hundred wishes. (i wish.amin)

13. Dogs…
is hanjing.hanjing itu haram.

14. Cats…
is bella. kucing itu takot dgn aku stiap kali balik umah.

15. Tomorrow is…
shopping and muvee day with shida.

16. I have a low tolerance for…
people that always spitting at anywhere. no menace oke.

17. If I had a million dollars…
i will send my parent to naek haji. Amin.

18. I’m totally terrified of…
kene gatal2. scary.

19. When I look at the night sky I think…
of my future. (including who my future husband might be)


November 11, 2009. campus life, familia, incik hati, kotak hati kecil.

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